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Culture*Park has been presenting the Short Plays Marathon since 2002,
with our 14th annual  November 12th 2016. 
The Marathon presents 25-30 staged reading of new works in a day long event.  We have currently performed over 300 plays written by regional and national playwrights.  Many of the plays presented have gone onto festivals including Samuel French OOB Festival, Humana Festival, Boston Playwrights Forum, and many others.

The Culture*Park Short Plays Marathon began in 2001 when a group of local writers met with Culture*Park theatre artists to discuss finding a way to present new short plays. The first Marathon took place at the Unitarian Church on Eighth Street in New Bedford. It has been a signature theatre event in New Bedford since then, presented at Gallery X and New Bedford Whaling Museum Theater.  The Culture*Park Short Plays Marathon serves an important function for playwrights, allowing them the opportunity to hear their plays before an audience, and to make revisions in rehearsals. It has been a first venue for new numerous works. Over 300 plays have been presented over the past 14 Marathons. Plays are by award-winning writers, playwrights and poets, alongside works by new writers and students. Plays presented at past Marathons have found further development and full productions. Playwright Thom Atkinson’s plays, Battling the Ghost of Max Schmeling, and Dancing Turtle, in two anthologies of short plays, published by Samuel French. Other published and produced plays include Leave Taking by Barbara Schweitzer, Caldo Santo by Quiarra Alegria Hudes, who is co-author of the Broadway musical, In the Heights, Europeans Kiss on Three Cheeks by Tom Grady, and the Hockey Moms series by Con Chapman, among other playwrights and authors.



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Through A Portagee Gate @ the Zeiterion

by Patricia A. Thomas adapted from the memoir by Charles Reis Felix

       " He was a Portuguese immigrant cobbler.
         He is gone now.
         His shop is gone.
         Weld Square is gone.
         His life has been wiped clean off the board.
         But I keep hearing his voice like an old familiar song."

A full-length play that dramatizes the immigrant experience, Through a Portagee Gate is framed by a dynamic father/son relationship. The play depicts the story of Jose Felix, from Setubal, Portugal, who came to America in 1915, in pursuit of the
American Dream, with nothing but the coat on his back, and the shoe-making skills passed on to him by his father. Settling in the mill-town of New Bedford, MA, Jose worked day and night for sixty years collecting nickels and dimes for his work, while keenly observing life around him through the window of his shop in Old Weld Square. “No sparrow fell unnoticed.” Jose is an unforgettable protagonist, whose observations, and witty exchanges with his customers result in hilarious and touching dialogue, at once charming and idiosyncratic.
Through a Portagee Gate examines the immigrant experience as told by Jose’s son, Charlie. “Carlos,” the second protagonist and story-teller of the play, is a teacher in Escamil, California. Carlos is in Escamil “masquerading as an American” as he denies
his roots and yearns for his own “American” identity. There, in his elementary school classroom, a Portuguese-speaking custodian becomes an ironic confidant. Back in New Bedford, Pa Jose listens to the Radio Ensemble at the WNBH studio in downtown New   Bedford as they sing jingles and songs, and broadcast news stories and world events, taking us on a journey through the twentieth century, from WWI to, the WPA, Roosevelt, Hoover, Textile Mill strikes, and beyond. This epic story is alive with humor, wit and sincerity drawn from the human experience.

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Moby Dick Marathon / Chapter 40

RRRRRR…..Aye Aye!!!   It’s True!
Culture*Park Theatre presents Chapter 40: Midnight in the Foc’sle, of Melville’s masterpiece, Moby Dick, this Saturday Night, January 7, 2017, at 7:30, or 8, approximate start time, in the theatre of the New Bedford Whaling Museum for the Moby Dick Marathon!
Come one and ALL, ye Jollies!  Admission is FREE!!!
And, for an ounce or two,  the Museum is serving brews and pints right outside the door following the 17 minute performance!!!

RRRRRRrrrrr! Please join us! Aye Aye!!!!

Cabo Dance Project

In a journey to our roots we will explore the culture of Cape Verde
through traditional and contemporary music and dance. 
Cabo Dance Project employs Modern Dance techniques with a mix of  Traditional Cape Verdean Dance,
Fusion Choreography  and Contact Improvisation.

Original works by Zezinho Semedo and Cabo Dance Project include Pano Terra, Pan Di Terra and Kaminhu Longe
Fathoms Oral Histories Project

The Water Widow is culled from the Fathoms Oral Histories Project with Fishing Families of the Southcoast

Performances of 'Soundings' and 'The Water Widow' have been performed in the Whaling National Park
and at the Working Waterfront Festival in New Bedford.

The FATHOMS Project is the only Arts Project ever funded by Sailors’ Snug Harbor of Boston / 1852 and by Island Foundation

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Shakespeare 4 Kids

S4K was established by Culture*Park Theatre in 2014 as a city-wide initiative to engage New Bedford Middle School students creatively through theatre and acting workshops, focusing on language and themes from Shakespeare's plays. Student participants have been offered the enriching experience of an exploration into the language of theatre, and the interaction with teaching theatre artists.

Workshops are conducted by teaching theatre artists, including equity actors, and theatre directors who are
experienced workshop facilitators. Workshops include acting games and exercises, stage combat and movement,

mask making, improvisation, and the exploration and application of Shakespeares’ language through scene and speech study. Participants may rehearse and perform a composite of scenes and moments from Shakespeare.

Since the inception of S4K workshops have been conducted with students from New Bedford communities including Bay Village, Presidential Heights and Dennison Memorial.

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